Classes overview

Gel has all kinds of classes on different levels. Most have a number, some have a name. Courses start three times a year and generally run over these periods:

  • January – March
  • April – June
  • September – November

Course 1

The beginners course. You will learn the basics of rock ’n’ roll dancing. Which steps there are, how the rhythm works and the first few ‘tricks’ (figures) to do.

Course 2

The logical continuation. You will work further on the basics and together we expand your repertoire of tricks.

Course 3

While repeating the basics, you will learn new tricks that are a bit more challenging.

Course 4: STYLE

Now that you have the basics under control, you are ready to continue from the steps you learned to ‘real’ rock ’n’ roll dancing. In the style course you will learn few tricks, because we focus on refining and improving.

Courses 5 and 6

Familiar with the basics and know how to swing? Time for more and more complex tricks.

Acrobatics course

Apart from a solid foundation, for this course you need to have a fixed dancing partner that you are attuned to. Only then we can start throwing. Of course with good guidance and an eye for safety.


A varied program for advanced dancers, with guest teachers and special workshops.


You already learned some tricks and would like to check their names? Download this little cheating book!