Dancing at Gel

At Gel we try to stay as close as we can to ‘real’ Rock ‘n’ Roll dancing.

“What is ‘real’ Rock ‘n’ Roll dancing?”
For us, that is the style of dancing like you see in old Bill Haley-films, like Rock Around the Clock or Don’t Knock the Rock. In the dancing we use the hallmarks of Rock ‘n’ Roll music: the tight rhythms with sharp transitions. Dancing at Gel means three things: tension, staying low, and above all lots of fun!


Tension insures that each dancer can feel exactly where their partner is, and dancers use it to move their bodies back and forth. Staying low means that we swing horizontally (with the hips!, not jumping up and down, or making weird movements with our arms and legs).

Gel has 5 courses where we teach our tricks. After those there is another course dedicated to style, and an acrobatics course for working on tossing and throwing.