Annual membership

To be able to enroll for dance lessons you have to be a member of our club. This will also give you free entrance to at least 3 parties a year (normally € 15) and you have a say in how we conduct our business. Obviously you can always come and dance after the lessons on Tuesday. Membership is per 12 months and until notice of termination. The dues are:


Tuition fee

10 lessons per course, there are 3 dance courses a year (January to April, April to June, and September to December)

  • € 50 per 10 lessons.
  • Students can get a € 13 discount per course (might change per 2021). You are eligible if you study at a Dutch university or ‘hogeschool’. Show us your student registration (“jaarkaart”) on Tuesday once and pay the remaining € 37 to Gel (just like the normal dues).



  • Dancing and practicing after the lessons is free!
  • € 15 entrance fee to parties (on rare occasions we will raise the price when we have an awesome band or big glamorous party).