Michel de Ruiter

New lessons are about to start! Tuesday, January 9th, 2024 at 20.00. In the Kompaszaal. Check our calendar for the course planning. We teach courses 1 (free trial lesson!), 2, 3-GEEL and GEVORDERD. Will you join? Or, if you cannot come this one Tuesday, the week after? After lessons, at 21.00, […]

Starting new lessons!

The 2023 Winter party will be a big one: you will dance “the stars from the sky” in ‘t Zonnehuis. With incredible music, as besides dj Swinging Rockin’ Daddy we have the band that one could almost call our “home band”: Torello’s Jive Bugs! It’ll be a radiant party! ‘t […]

November 25th: Under the Stars! 🌟