As a club, naturally Gel has a few committees that keep things going and make sure that things are as enjoyable as possible. If you are interested in helping one of the committees, please contact the committee.

PR committee
A club has to have a PR committee. Who else will maintain the website, make sure that we have cool posts on Facebook, and send catchy newsletters around? Do you like working with Photoshop or writing pieces? Do you like sharing messages? Let us know:

Party committee
Great parties don’t happen by themselves, and Gel has at least four per year. The party committee arranges the location, the band, the theme, and the reset. Come and help setup or tear-down, or help organize everything. Of course you can also send complements to:

Bar committee
Everyone is thirsty after a great lesson and a bit of dancing afterwards. The bar committee mans the bar during open dancing, and makes sure that everyone can enjoy a drink. Do you want to take a turn working at the bar? You can send a mail to:

Music committee
A dance club is nothing without music. The music committee spins great records during the open dancing, and keeps the music collection of Gel up to date. Are you a music lover? Or do you want do have your own music as much as the DJ does? Contact: